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Last name First name Brief Description of Consulting Services
Allen Joe Provide landowners with information on woodlot management as well as tree marking services. Assist in the development of management plans for the MFTIP program. Conduct woodlot evaluations and inventory assessments.
Anderson Adam We are Resource Innovations Inc. • Geographic Information Systems/ Unmanned Aerial Systems • Environmental Consulting • Forest Resources Inventory We are an international consulting firm specializing in resource analysis, environmental management and planning services that is committed to creating and delivering quality products to our valued clients. The company was formed in 2007 in Eastern Canada and now has operations across Canada and in several International locations. We offer Geographic Information Systems / Unmanned Aerial Systems, Environmental Consulting Services and Forest Resources Inventory in an interactive and strategic environment. We are committed to utilizing the best technology and people to ensure that our work exceeds the expectations of our clients.
Assinewe Dean
Attwell Brent REGEN Forestry is a natural resource based forestry consulting company that was established in 1999. We are owned and operated by Ontario Registered Professional Foresters. Over the past 18 years we have accomplished many projects for both private and public agencies as well as individual landowners. As we grow, we continue to manage the forest with the same approach, the forest health is the most important objective and all the other aspects are secondary benefits. Our Objectives Enlarge the forested areas that have been depleted and prevent further reduction. Improve the quality of existing forests through sustainable practices. Help landowners understand their forests and make them more environmentally conscious and economically feasible.
Baker Bob Production and sales of seed-zone specific native nursery stock. Planning of planting projects, including species selection and implementation. Forest management consulting, including property management and project implementation. Forestry Consulting, Restoration Services, Trail Construction, Invasive Species Control (e.g. Giant Hogweed, garlic mustard etc.), Bio-engineering, Tree Maintenance/Removal and Forest Thinning, Portable Sawmill and Drying Services
Barton Jeff Specializing in the development and implementation of business plans for forestry initiatives for First Nations and non-First Nation clients. Past successes have included assisting in the establishment of a major wood pellet producer, increasing available wood supply for a sawmill, expanding operations for a timber harvest contractor.
Bennett Laing Forest Management Planning Property Forest Surveys MFTIP Managed Forest Plans - MFPA (Managed Forest Plan Approver) Forests Ontario PDA (Planting Delivery Agent) Operations Planning, Admin & Logistics Forest Based Business Planning Forest Byproduct Supply Planning & Logistics
Bentley Cathy Tree Appraisals and Reports (Commercial & Residential Properties; Road Widenings; Expropriations); Tree Inventories, Preservation Plans and Site Inspections During Development; Streetscape Inspection Services
Boyd Andrew Specialising in urban forestry and forest management consulting. Assessments of urban trees and woodlots, endangered species inventories and tree appraisals (including expert testimony) are some of the services we provide to private, industrial and government clients.
Boysen Barb BHA, MFPA services, Certified Seed Collector
Bros Sarah We are a Canadian company of registered professional foresters and consultants offering clients in the public and private sector a full range of technical forestry and business management services to achieve sustainable resource management. We work acr
Bros Steve Resource - business and operational solutions (negotiations, business agreements, timber valuations, investment due diligence, operational planning)
Brown Scott Provide forest management services for landowners, including management plans, tree marking, prescriptions, planting advice and MFTIP plan approvals.
Buchanan Marshall I provide ecological surveys for landscape restoration, forest management and reforestation. Also grow and sell native trees for naturalization projects. Nursery stock is available in sizes from about 1 metre to 2.5 metres tall, bareroot or container grown. Also provide advice for urban forest management and write forest management plans. Contract researcher for conservation plans, forest genetics and literature reviews.
Bursey Stephen MFTIP approver and tree marking/harvest/silviclutre planning
Byford Bruce Arbex offers a broad spectrum of natural resource and geographic information systems (GIS) consulting services. These services range from resource management planning, forest audits and forest land appraisals to land use mapping and other GIS services.
Callaghan Brian Forest management consulting with specialties in forest certification (I am the FSC product manager for Bureau Veritas), planning, valuation, modeling and operations.
Clarke Michael Forest Plan Approver #47, MFTIP
Corbett Matthew Reducing forest fire hazards through forest fuels mitigation and prescribed burning.
Corcoran James Professional Forest Management in South Western Ontario-30 years experience. Woodlot and urban-forestry services. Inventories, appraisals, ecological management strategies, health assessments, tree preservation plans, tree planting & landscaping plans,erosion control plans,tree planting. Total project management, GIS mapping.
Corlett Alan
Craig Donald I create forest management plans- including MFTIP plans, mark timber and estimate value of standing timber.
Demuth Ernie Plan Approver for the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program, Consulting, Prescription writing, Certified Tree Marker,
Dixon Brett Dixon Forestry provides tree marking, timber sale management and forest consulting to meet your forest management objectives. Brett Dixon is a Level 2 Certified Tree marker, Certified Arborist, Managed Forest Plan Approver and a Butternut Health Assessor.
Dombroskie Shaun Air photo interpretation. Timber yield estimates. Planning and scheduling forest activities. Implementing plans and reporting. Road location and construction planning. Harvest and road building supervision. Auditing. Training of new woodsworkers. Tree and plant identification. Tree health reporting. Sawlog and Veneer log scaling. Aggregate pit location. Wetland and stream assessments. Wildlife species/ habitat identification and mapping. Confidential cultural heritage location/ mapping. Tree felling. Product marketing and sales. silvicultural treatment effectiveness monitoring. Map making.
Drabick Ron - Develop and Approve Managed Forest Tax Incentive Plans - Consult and Advise on Forest Management operations for private Forest owners.
Dyck Rudy Forest Management Plans Timber Sales Non commercial thinning Forest Insect and Disease consulting
Ebbers Herman MFTIP plans woodlot assessment, prescription writing, marking, volume estimates, harvesting contract, harvest supervision and summary
Eccles Jim As an Associate Forester with Eccles Forestry Ltd. Jim is devoted to private woodlot planning, educating, marking and sustainable management by developing a long term relationship with our most important resource, the landowner.
Edmonds Robert
Ekstrom Brad Thunderhouse Forest Services provides silvicultural and planning services to forest industry, government and private land owners in Ontario. Our expertise includes forest management, operational planning, forest inventory, photo interpretation and silvic
Fabris Stephanne MFTIP, tree marking, logging, road construction
Foley Allan First Resource Management Group Inc. (FRMG) is an independent, employee-owned, Ontario-based forest management firm. Prior to the founding of FRMG, most of Ontario’s forests were managed by employees of forest industry; companies, whose primary purpose was to deliver wood supply to mills. FRMG was launched with a view to establishing a new model for providing professional forestry services. Most professions, such as engineering, law, medicine, accounting or architecture, are practiced by professionals who associate in a firm or organization dedicated to providing their services. This has not generally been the case for forestry, where foresters tend to be employed by the forest industry, government or non-governmental organizations. The FRMG team has been delivering impartial forest management planning, certification and related services for more than 20 years. FRMG also manages private forests for carbon and provides leading-edge SkyForest(TM) remote sensing and forest inventory services.
Forbes Brent Full range of private forest consulting services throughout Central Ontario.
Fox Brian Recently retired OMNR Silviculture-Forest Health Specialist now based in Waterloo providing woodlot services such as applications for MFTIP tax rebates, assistance with tree planting, tree marking prescriptions, forest health advice, thinning, harvesting, timber product marketing, etc.
Gannon Isabel Over 15 years experience in forest management planning as plan author or directly supporting author. Duties: project management, public/aboriginal consultation, operational planning, AOC prescriptions and writing/assembly of all plan documents.
Gordon Andy M. General Environmental Consulting o/a Forest Environments Universal
Graham George Thunderhouse Forest Services Inc. provides silvicultural and planning services to forest industry, provincial government & landowners in Northern Ontario. Our expertise includes forest management, operational planning, forest inventory & silviculture.
green Etienne Forest Carbon Project Development
Greer Greg All aspects of private forestry consulting (ie. tree planting, tree marking MFTIP plan approval, evaluations, etc.
Grillmayer Rick Private land tree planting.
Groves Richard
Guenkel Gerald Experienced at: woodlot assesments, MFTIP, forest inventories and forest education
Gynan Chris Woodlot and urban forestry management services. Please see for a complete list of services.
Hashemi Jalil
Hebert Marc
Hebert Steve Boundary marking Road location Bridge and Culvert installation Certified trainer for MHFP&RCE Operation Safety Training Certification Program
Heikurinen Jukka Consulting fields include Tree Nursery production, Silviculture, Forest Harvesting -operations planning, Bio-Energy systems,business planning and Forest Management Planning. Specialized in First Nations Forestry & related issues.
Hendry James Services: Property Stewardship Plans, Butternut Health Assessments, Forest Inventory Assessments, Insect and Disease Evaluations, Timber Estimates, Ontario Certified Tree marker, Tree Planting, Woodlot Tending, Harvest Planning and monitoring, forest instruction
Henrich Jesse
Heyblom Duncan Forest Management Plans, Woodlot inventories, Standing timber value estimates, Harvest prescriptions, Tree marking, Supervision of harvest
Hollands Matt Private land forestry, MFTIP. Certified Pine Tree Marker. Business planning. Timber valuation and marketing.
Huff William
Isherwood Trevor Expertise – Wood supply, General operational forest planning, 24 Independent Forest Audits in Ontario over the last 9 yrs
Johnson Dean Company was founded to provide consulting expertise to the public, the Forest Industry, and to Government in Ontario. Areas of specialization include forest management planning, raw material management, plant management, organizational development and FSC
Jones Jeremy Operations activities and forest management planning.
Kallioinen Paul
Koski Monique Forest Management, greenhouse, harvesting, seed services
Kovacs Zoltan 31 years working for 2 large Southern Ontario Conservation Authorities, experience in all aspects of operations and planning, primarily Private Land Forest Management Services; Nursery Production, Reforestation and Large Stock plantings, Woodlot Management both Hardwood and Plantations, Tree marking and contract services, Invasive Plant Species Controls, Forest Management Plans and MFTIP.
Kowalyk Bohdan Forest management, including MFTIP, and environmental asssessment outside the Greater Toronto Area
Kuntz Peter Specializes in forestry study and the preparation of reports required under regulatory process for the development industry including developers, engineers, planners, lawyers, architects, landscape architects and municipal governments.
Lacey Donna Saugeen Conservation offers managment plan preparation, tree marking, tendering, tree planting, harvest contract management, forest inventory, MFTIP approvals, Emerald Ash Borer Innoculations and a few other forestry services. We are certified in all aspects of forest management.
Lennox Anne Preparation and approval of Stewardship Plans for the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program Tree Planting, Tree Marking, Tendering and Monitoring of Forest Operations
Leschishin Mark Forest management planning, forest auditing & certfication, silviculture, data collection, gis mapping & data capture, wood supply analysis.
Listar Ivan Providing Urban Forestry related services for municipalities, organizations, businesses and residents.
McCormack Ian Government and Aboriginal Affairs/Strategy/Executive Coaching
McCracken Joel mccracken urban and rural forest management planning and operational implementation
McCready James As a Registered Professional Forester I am Managed Forest Tax Incetive Plan approver and advise woodlot owners on best management practises to manage their woodlot. As a Urban Forester and Certified Arborist I prepared Tree Preservation Plans, advise on
McLean Neil We develop solutions to problems in database systems, information systems, decision support systems. We find innovative ways to improve processes in these systems, improvements that reduce costs or increase profitability, or improve efficiency.
McNeil John full range of urban and private land forestry services Assisting municipalities sustain their community forest.
McNutt John Within 100 miles of North Bay: Woodlot management, MFTIP plan preparation and approval, and sustainable forest management.
Millson Jenny Our operations include all aspects of forestry. We believe that a well planned approach to the life cycle of fibre management has no beginning and no end. All segments of the forest industry are equally important to properly maintain the never ending management of a growing and evolving forest. Millson Forestry Service is available to complete your consulting work. Let us plan and implement the harvesting and regeneration of your private land. We have experience completing private land timber inventories and crown tree releases.
Molnar Tony
Moore Thomas
Moss Gillespie Nick
Muzzi Jeff Occasionally available for cruising,line locating
Nellis Marc
Nielsen Astrid Specialists in Urban Forestry
Penner Jim Provide a variety of forestry services from tree marking, management planning, harvest supervision, forest product sales and tendering, tree planting services and nursery stock sales and emerald Ash Borer treatments.
Polk Larry
Powell Larry Forest Management, Plantation Management, SFI & FSC Certification, Bio Energy, MFTIP
Pridham David 25+ years of field experience. Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program, preparation and approver of plans. Woodland certification. A range of services for commercial timber harvests, including tree marking, volume estimates, timber marketing, sales contracts, harvest inspections. Experienced log scaler. Woodland inspections for a variety of purposes - butternut assessment, invasive species identification and control, tree planting prescriptions. Habitat enhancement.
Purton Andy
Purves Steve Providing advice and forest management plans for private landowner and the forest industry.
Puttock David Forest management planning Woodlot management Tree preservation and site restoration plans Wood supply analysis Forest certification project management Environmental impact studies Municipal street tree inventory and health assessment Invasive insects inventories and management
Radul Dan
Reed Eleanor Providing a range of forestry services and advice to land owners in Central Ontario: Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program planning and approvals, Planting Delivery Agent for Forests Ontario, Commercial Timber Assessment/Certified Tree Marking/sales
Robinson Craig ArborData Consulting Ltd. is a leading Canadian supplier of consulting, professional services, training and support to land managers with project work spanning Canada. ArborData delivers a broad range of services in Inventory, Analysis, Information Ma
Rogers James Kestrel Forestry Consulting provides economically and environmentally sound forestry services to private land owners, industry, and government agencies within Ontario.
Rogic Philip
Scheifele Greg Our Consulting Services include: Forest management planning including (MFTIP), timber appraisal, tree marking, timber marketing and logging supervision,as well as revegetation planning, tree planting and invasive species control.
Schwan Terry Forest management, Forest inventory Forest health, Urban forestry
Seabrook Rod Environmental and sustainable forestry management systems with a focus on auditing.
Smallwood David
Smeekens Jessica -Tree marking for commercial harvest -Forest management planning -Tree plant planning and planting -Land Restoration -Tree protection plans, tree nutrient management plans
Smith Marvin Providing impartial advice and assistance with all aspects of woodlot management for farmers and other rural landowners, from selling timber to diagnosis of insect and disease problems.
Smith Fraser Full RPF with proficiency in: extension services and outreach, harvest planning/operations/compliance, inventory and prescription development, tender administration and contract oversight, invasive vegetation management, MFTIP, tree marking, stakeholder engagement and legislative interpretation.
Smith Wayne Specializing in Forest Regeneration and Afforestation since 1978. - Forest Regeneration Surveys - Tree Nursery Management Consulting - Applied Research & Development - Forest Carbon Monitoring - Afforestation and Land Reclamation Projects.
Street Peter Auditing, Forest Management Planning & SFL Management, Business Plan preparation
Swant Glen Specializing in Wood Supply Solutions, Silviculture Design and Forest Management and permitting for mining,road location both all weather and winter roads for mining,and aggregate location and permitting for mining