Consultants List

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Last name First name Brief Description of Consulting Services
Szuba Kandyd Consulting biologist and forester, auditor; helping clients meet forest management, operations, & certification requirements.
Thompson Laurie Certified Tree Marker Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program Approver
Thomson Dave Specialist in renewable energy consulting, including project management, environmental assessments, access route and distribution line planning, permitting and site release, public consultation and stakeholder outreach and water management planning. Services also include: protected spaces planning, environmental and forest certification auditing, land acquisitions and due diligence review and GIS data acquisition and application.
Thuerig Steve
Todd John Forest Management Services, tree marking, wildlife management plans, fire courses SP 100 RX 100 MFTIP, minor exceptions to tree bylaws, supervision of harvest operations, trail layouts, tree planting, windbreaks etc.
Van Damme Laird Forest Management planning, policy analysis, certification audits, inventory and evaluation.
Wedeles Chris
Werner Fred Since 1996, offering a wide range of forest management services for private forest owners or users, including managed forest plans, timber cruises/evaluations, marking/harvesting prescriptions, science feature/species-at-risk reports, educational tours, forestry curriculum development, timber trespass and other forensic forestry investigations
Wiensczyk Al Project Management, Proposal development, Decision support processes, Conference/workshop/field tour organization and delivery, and Report and extension note preparation and editing.
Wiley David
Williams Peter Expertise includes arboriculture (Certified Arborist) & urban forestry; forest management planning; Planning, contracting & managing hardwood & plantation harvests/thinnings; forest health/pest assessments & management; forest restoration; environmental planning, by-law and timber trespass issues; and value assessments. Website -
Williams Jeremy Jeremy has worked with a wide range of clients across Canada and internationally. \"I provide services related to carbon offsets, verification, forest management planning, forest economics, auditing and consultation."
Willick Michael M. L. Willick & Associates Ltd. is a forest and management consulting company specializing in government relations, tenure reform, wood supply negotiations and not for profit corporations.
Wilson Jennifer As an environmental scientist and project manager with over 15 years of experience, Ms. Jennifer Wilson has worked on projects around the world. She has extensive experience in managing multi-disciplined technical studies related to environmental permitting including environmental baseline data collection and analysis, environmental impact assessment, permitting, as well as construction and reclamation for mining, forestry, transportation and energy projects. Ms. Wilson is regularly called upon to act as a liaison between her clients, regulatory agencies, and local stakeholders including First Nations and Métis by coordinating public information centres and individual stakeholder consultation sessions. The activities related to community engagement within Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan have included meeting with Aboriginal representatives and other local stakeholders (i.e., trappers, fishers, hunters, outfitters and other natural resource users), recording concerns, and in conjunction with the affected parties, developing appropriate mitigation through area of concern prescriptions. Ms. Wilson’s work experience is complimented by her interpersonal relationship skills and strong leadership abilities.
Wiltshire William Provision of consulting services to forest industry, government, academia, and the general public. Primarily forest management planing and forest operations (harvest planning and layout plus silvicultural planning and supervision). Specialized training fo
Winkler Jack Evaluate woodlands for ecological and economic values; Silvicultural Prescriptions; Mark trees for removal; Good knowledge of timber values; Help landowner find suitable timber buyer or will work with landowner and chosen timber buyer to ensure that landowner's objectives reflect Good Forestry Practices; Urban tree assessments; Butternut Health Assessor; Expert witness in tree-related disputes.