Member Services

One of the Association’s objectives in its 2013-2016 Strategic Plan is, “To develop and deliver quality member services and expand membership.”

Strategies to accomplish this objective are:

1.       Provide or facilitate relevant learning by:

  • Maintaining quality and relevance of Annual Conference and Regional Seminars
  • Seeking out and sharing other opportunities

2.       Maintaining availability and expand value of affinity offerings for members by:

  • Increasing  value and use of professional and general liability insurance
  • Investigating a national program of professional Insurance
  • Increase awareness of other insurance offerings
  • Maintaining vehicle rental option and periodically re-assessing best value
  • Investigating other possible affinity benefits
  • Maintaining an association with the Canadian Institute of Forestry to provide OPFA members access to the CIF e-lectures

3.       Improve effectiveness of communication with Association members

One of the targets in OPFA’s Strategic Plan is, “Survey members by November 30, 2013 re: effectiveness of OPFA website and newsletter and make changes as required based upon survey results.”