Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability is the legal obligation(s) that arises out of a professional's errors, negligent acts, or omissions during the course of the practice of his or her craft.

Liability Guide to Risk Management

The Association has arranged the availability of a group “Errors and Omissions Insurance” plan for its members.  The insurance broker’s contact information is listed below and OPFA requests that members contact the broker directly.

                Jordan Fellner, CIP, CRM
             Account Manager
                HUB International Insurance Brokers
                3875 Henning Drive 
                Burnaby, BC 
                V5C 6N5

                Telephone: (604)899-3939
                Cell: (604)813-1493
                Fax: (604)293-1493
                Toll Free: 1-800-606-9969