Why are Sponsors Required?

The purpose of the sponsorship process is to provide the Registrar and the Registration Committee with an assessment of whether an applicant has the character, knowledge, skills and experience required to become a Member of the Ontario Professional Foresters Association. 

Members of the OPFA sponsoring a candidate for membership must be in good standing and must have been an Association Member for 2 or more years.  For sponsors qualifying an applicant’s experience from outside the province of Ontario, a Registered Professional Forester (R.P.F.) or a sponsor with equivalent credentials may be used at the discretion of the Registration Committee. In exceptional circumstances, such as when an applicant has not been directly associated with the sponsor for a significant period of the qualifying experience, an R.P.F. may sponsor the applicant if they can:

  • review the applicants work; and
  • interview the applicant, and the applicant’s supervisors and colleagues to the extent necessary to confidently express judgments as required of sponsors. The Registration Committee may request clarification or additional information from the sponsors

Sponsors are required for Full and Associate membership applicants.  For details go to Membership Standards.

For more information on the Responsibilities of Sponsor, go to Sponsoring a Candidate for Membership.