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Professional Forester NewsletterThe Professional Forester is published quarterly in March, June, September and December by and for members of the Association, as well as those interested in the profession of forestry in Ontario. The following issues of The Professional Forester are available electronically: (Please contact the OPFA office if you wish to be mailed a printed copy)

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December 2017

6602 KB The OPFA at 60:Foresters in Changing Climates Conference Recap Continued

September 2017

5903 KB The OPFA at 60:Foresters in Changing Climates Conference Recap Continued

June 2017

3406 KB The OPFA at 60:Foresters in Changing Climates

March 2017

2708 KB The Connected Forest: How the Internet Has Changed Information Flow

December 2016

8127 KB A Day in the Life of Foresters Across Canada

September 2016

9783 KB Climate Change

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