Advocacy is identified as one of the Associations core business practices in its Strategic Plan.  The goal of OPFA’s advocacy work is the “Recognition of the profession and appropriate use of Member’s expertise and skills.”

Council has identified 4 key objectives to reach its advocacy goal:

  1. To advocate for excellence in professional practice by encouraging the application of professional accountability among those involved in the development, management, conservation and sustainability of forests and urban forests.
  2. To increase public recognition of the roles of OPFA and its Members throughout Ontario.
  3. To take a proactive role in the development of forest policy in Ontario as it relates to the practice of forestry by OPFA members.  This is carried out by the Association’ Crown Land, Private Land and Urban Forestry committees.
  4. Implement special initiatives as effectively as possible using the limited human and financial resources that are available.

2015 Advocacy Strategy