Career Awareness

The Forestry Career Awareness Committee is a standing committee of the Association that reports to Council.  The committee’s mandate is “To raise awareness of forestry as a profession and a practice on behalf of the Association.”  They will accomplish their mandate by:

  1. Working with and supporting Ontario Forests in their efforts to promote forestry and to educate students on natural resource careers;
  2. Providing or arranging liaison with forestry students and Faculties at Ontario Universities and Colleges to increase understanding of licensing for careers;
  3. Raising the profile of forestry as a career in the province;
  4. Working with educational institutions in their promotions of natural resource careers;
  5. Reviewing and updating materials and activities to support purposes 1, 2 & 3;
  6. Liaising with the Urban, Private and Crown Land Committees;
  7. Acting upon related matters referred by Council or the Executive Committee;
  8. Acting, as agreed by Council or the Executive, as a focus group for discussions with allies or other organizations.

It is recognized that different types of forestry are practiced in different areas of the province. The Committee will make reasonable efforts to service all areas of the Province.  The Committee Chair may appoint temporary task groups for specific tasks, and may involve OPFA members other than committee members.

Chair: Sarah Bros, R.P.F. (Councillor)
Greg Pawson, R.P.F.
Jeff Barton, R.P.F. (Councillor)
Margaret Carruthers, R.P.F.
Troy Anthony, R.P.F.
Peter Johnson, R.P.F.
Donna Lacey, R.P.F.
Jessica Kaknevicius
Secretary:  Judy Biggar