Current Issues

The main items the Private Lands Forestry Committee is currently working on are:

  • Landowner Consent Forms

The purpose of this form is to support an OPFA member's work on private land and to standardize the form.  This will to ensure both the land owner and the Association’s member have a mutual understanding of the work to be done.

  • Conflict of Interest Practice Bulletin

The purpose of this bulletin is to clearly identify when a member is in a conflict of interest.  This bulletin is a joint effort between the Private Lands and Crown Lands Forestry Committees.

  • Tree Marker Course Practice Bulletin

This bulletin will describe when a RPF is qualified to tree mark if they are not a certified tree marker.

  • Communication Plan

The communication plan will outline a protocol for members when they speak with private land clients, municipalities, councils, etc.  This plan will assist members to deliver a consistent and clear message to clients or others.

  • Implementation Plan

Development of sample presentations for members that deal with some of private land items such as tree cutting bylaws, maintaining forest cover, etc.