Membership Renewal, Annual

Membership renewal forms are sent to members via Canada Post at the beginning of October each year. 

You are encouraged to complete all required information and payments yourself either online after logging in as a member, or returning the completed forms to the OPFA office (scan and email, fax, or by regular mail).

Based on your membership category, there are 1, 2, or 3 steps to the Annual Renewal:

1.  Update Personal Information (required for ALL members). According to OPFA By-Laws, all members are required to review and update their personal and contact information.  Update employment information (if applicable) to ensure your current employer information is properly recorded.

 2.  Annual Membership Fees are due by December 1stof each year for Full, Associate, Non-resident, Inactive, and Provisional members only.  Members with outstanding fees after Dec. 1st will be charged a late payment fee of $50.00. 

  • All payments will be applied to any outstanding account balance first, and then to new annual membership fees. Please make payments accordingly.  See the online OPFA Payment window below. Additonal payment options are listed on your Annual Renewal Form.
  • Members in the Student, Life, Temporary and Honourary membership categories do not pay any annual fees.
  • CIF Members: It is optional if you wish to include payment for your CIF fees when you pay your OPFA membership fee.
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Online OPFA Payment is available.
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3.  Competency Reporting is required for Full, Associate and Non-Resident members in accordance with the Competency Support Program and the OPFA By-Laws.

Competency Reporting for the fiscal year December 1 to November 30 is due annually by January 15th of the next year.  New members are not required to report competency for their first partial fiscal year of membership.

Failure to report by January 15th (Full, Associate and Non-resident members only) will result in a late reporting fee of $50.00.

     With respect to annual competency reporting, Full, Associate, and Non-Resident members must:

  • Submit the Competency Support Report (CSR) annually either on-line or in paper form, which includes:
  • The number of accumulated Continuing Education hours for the fiscal year (December 1-November 30) must be reported.  An amount must be reported each year, even if the number for a given year is 0 (zero). The three-year rolling total of CE hours must be a minimum of 60 hours.
  • Associate Members must confirm that they have reviewed and continue to work only within their approved Scope of Practice.
  • That their Personal Practice Focus and their Learning Plan have been reviewed and are in their files.

2017-2018 OPFA Annual Membership Renewal Forms and Information

 If you require further information, please contact OPFA’s office for assistance.