Enforcement Decisions and Reasons


When a Discipline Panel has been convened and a public hearing has been completed, the Discipline Panel is required to provide its decision, with reasons, to the parties. 

The Association, at its discretion, may post (a) a Notice of a decision decision to refer a matter for a Discipline Hearing; and (b) the Decisions of the Discipline Committee, in the official publication of the Association (The Professional Forester newsletter) and on the Association website (OPFA By-Law 2014, Article 18.6).

The Discipline Committee may consider publication of its decisions and its reasons to help educate the profession and the public regarding the types of conduct considered appropriate by the association. 

The publication of the decision and reasons will contain information to ensure that Association members and the public are aware of the nature of the hearing including a summary of the allegations, the panel decision and reasons.

Summary of 2013-12-06 Discipline Hearing Proceedings

Unauthorized Practice

Applications regarding unauthorized practice are convened in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.  When the application has been heard and a decision rendered, the justice is required to document the decision, with reasons.  The decision and reasons is public and is posted on the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) website.

Decision and Reasons for OPFA unauthorized practice applications are available through the following link(s):

2014-08-14 Decision:  https://www.canlii.org/en/on/onsc/doc/2014/2014onsc4724/2014onsc4724.html