Practice Bulletins

An OPFA Practice Bulletin is a document prepared by the Association that provides advice and guidance to its members on the steps to be followed by a member when making a determination of a course of action to be followed. They deal with the professional standards used by a professional when conducting business and with situations where a member may be in violation of the Professional Foresters Act 2000, the Code of Ethics, guilty of professional misconduct, or be in contravention of a By-law. Practice Bulletins will apply to more than one individual.

Practice Bulletins have the force of guidelines. They are not intended to be legal requirements as are by-laws which bind the member, but rather as advice to be considered by the member in the context of the particular situation and the knowledge and experience of the member.

The OPFA is responsible for the preparation of Practice Bulletins, for identifying any related legal issues and for communication of the availability of bulletins to the membership at large. OPFA is not responsible for ensuring that members consult these bulletins or follow the advice contained therein. Members are responsible for ensuring that they are aware of the availability of all Practice Bulletins issued by the Association.

All bulletins should be considered public documents.

The following Practice Bulletins are available in printable PDF format for use and viewing by OPFA members:

No. 1   Good Forestry Practice on Private Lands, July 2010

No. 2   Application of Forest Management Guides on Crown Lands, July 2010 

No. 8   Professional Practice & Municipal Tree Cutting By-Laws,  Sept 2010

No. 9   Electronic Use of Seal, July 2010 

No. 10   Minimum Content for Prescriptions for Partial Harvesting on Private Land in Ontario, Oct. 2010

Also see Practice Guidance for members.

Links to previous Practice Bulletins:

No. 3   Contingency Plans  (Sept. 13, 2004, revoked Mar. 23, 2017)

No. 4   Certification of Annual Reports (Sept. 13, 2004, revoked Mar. 23, 2017)

No. 5   Forest Operations Prescriptions (Dec. 6, 2004, revoked Mar. 23, 2017)

No. 6   Forest Management Guide for Natural Disturbance Pattern Emulation (Sept. 13, 2004, revoked Mar. 23, 2017)

No. 7   Compliance Monitoring (Sept. 13, 2004, revoked Mar. 23, 2017)