Forestry Worldwide

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - Forestry Department collects various tools, databases, videos, and publications on the World's Forests.  Some of its core activities include forest management, forest products and services, forest and environment, people and forests, policy and governance, assessment and monitoring, and interdisciplinary issues.

  • Sustainable Forest Management Toolbox - This toolbox collates a large number of tools, case studies and other resources, organised in modules. It has been created to provide forest owners, managers and other stakeholders with easy access to those resources for the implementation of SFM.
  • Forest Communication Toolkit - provides a wealth of resources and key messages on issues of central importance to the forest sector. Explore the toolkit to access expert interviews on key forestry topics, videos from the field detailing macro issues and individual projects, FAO publications, images, comprehensive statistics, maps and other useful resources. Browse by themes or by resource type to gain access to a host of information and communications materials to help you with your own forestry communications efforts