Bridge Training Program for Foresters

Bridge Training Program for Foresters provides training and assessment for the 35 demonstrable competencies required for entry into the Profession of Forestry in Canada (2008 Certification Standards for the Profession of Forestry in Canada).  Third-party suppliers are responsible for training module registration, setting of participant fees, training delivery and participant evaluations. 

Development of Bridge Training modules was funded by the Province of Ontario. 

The table below summarizes the training modules now available for the Bridge Training Program for Foresters. 

Enrolment for training modules for demonstrable competencies in Standards 1, 2, 5 and 7 is available (participant costs, and timing of modules set by CIF).  Information on these training modules being delivered by the Canadian Institute of Forestry is available at: (CIF poster).  All questions regarding these training modules should be sent to the CIF through their website.

COMING SOON ... Enrolment for training for demonstrable competencies in Standards 3, 4, 6 and Ontario Forest Policy and Legislative Frameworkis expected in late Jan. 2017.  Training modules and enrolment process are being developed by third-party suppliers.  Notice will be given to OPFA members, and all provincial forestry regulators, as soon as details are available.