OPFA regularly posts recent documents related to Professional Foresters:

NEW OPFA Member Binder (May 2017) updated with revised 2017 OPFA By-laws and OPFA Information Sheets. The OPFA Member Binder compiles general OPFA information and relevant legislation, by-laws and practice guidance for OPFA members.  Download the OPFA Member Binder, and check back periodically for updated versions.

NEW OPFA By-laws - By-laws 2017 (link to document) were confirmed by the membership at the Annual General Meeting in Guelph on May 17, 2017.  By-law changes were summarized and distributed to members in April in 2017 By-law Changes-Summary of Proposed Changes

NEW Bridge Training Program for Foresters - Bridge Training modules for Standard 3  (Forest Management) are now available online from Lakehead University.

Contact Lakehead University (link to information) for Bridge Training for competencies in Standard 3, Standard 6, and Ontario forest policy.  A notice will be issued when training for Standard 4 competencies is available.

Contact the Canadian Institute of Forestry (CIF)(courses.cif-ifc.org) for information or enrolment for Bridge Training for competencies in Standard 1, Standard 2, Standard 5 and Standard 7.