OPFA regularly posts documents related to Professional Foresters and they are listed below:

NEW Additional Bridge Training Modules for competencies for professional foresters are available from Lakehead University for Standard 6 and Ontario forest policy (link to information). Notice will be given to OPFA members, and all provincial forestry regulators, when training for Standard 3 and Standard 4 competencies is available.

NEW The OPFA Annual General Meeting is Wed. May 17, 2017 in conjunction with the OPFA annual conference in Guelph. Please read the following Notice of the Annual General Meeting and Proxy, 2016 Annual Report, Resolution Form-PDF, Resolution Form-Word and 2017 By-law Changes-Summary of Proposed Changes.

Fair Registration Practices Report - OPFA 2016  is an annual summary of OPFA registration activities and changes.  The report is required by the Fair Access to Regulated Professions and Compulsory Trades Act (FARPACTA).

Bridge Training Program for Foresters - Training modules are being developed for the demonstrable competencies required for Professional Foresters in Canada.  Enrolment for training for competencies in Standards 1, 2, 5 and 7 is available (participant costs and timing of modules set by the supplier, courses.cif-ifc.org).

Practice Guidance - Competency Support has been approved by Council effective June 24, 2016:  This document provides guidance to Full, Associate and Non-resident members regarding his/her obligations under the Competency Support Program as listed in Association By-laws in accordance with the Professional Foresters Act, 2000.  This document replaces the previous Competency Support Guide (Oct. 2012).

Practice Guidance documents approved by Council effective June 19, 2015:
These two documents, taken together, provide guidance for members, the public and other interested individuals and professionals regarding who must be a member of the OPFA in order to undertake professional forestry activities in Ontario.

     (1)  Practice Guidance - Scope of Practice  provides guidance on the definition of professional forestry from the Professional Foresters Act, 2000.  The association’s interpretation of professional forestry is expanded to include additional examples of what activities constitute professional forestry.
     (2)  Practice Guidance - Exclusions to the Professional Foresters Act provides reference to the exclusions in the Act (i.e. when a person does not require OPFA membership to do certain forestry activities).  This document includes guidance on how a non-member may demonstrate that a particular exclusion applies to them.
See Practice Guidance for the complete list of approved practice guidance doucments. 

Practice Guidance - Overview to Professional Practice 
On March 20, 2015, OPFA Council approved Practice Guidance - Overview to Professional Practice. 
This document provides all OPFA members with an overview of the legislative framework and of the responsibilities that they have as professionals in the practice of professional forestry. All members are expected to be familiar with and follow the guidance contained in this document.  This practice guidance replaces the previous Guide to Professional Practice.